Pegasus World Cup Invitational Contest

Enter for your chance to win $1,000,000!!


Congratulations to our winner, Lori from Brooklyn, NY!

Thank you all for playing Pegasus Win Win!

The sweepstakes is now closed.

GoPro HERO5 Black
Trip For 6 To The 6
Prayer for Relief
$5,000 Flight Club Gift Card
Apple Watch 2
Noble Bird
$5,000 Ticketmaster Gift Card
War Story
PlayStation 4 VR
War Envoy
Shaman Ghost
Phantom 4 Pro
Semper Fortis
Samsung 78" 4K TV
Keen Ice
Pioneer DJ Controller
Breaking Lucky
Longines Watches
Elby Bikes
California Chrome

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Couch Potato

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Just Waking Up

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Smelly Bastard

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Bum Life

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Sad Sight

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