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Don’t forget, joining us Live at Gulfstream Park for the Tournament entitles you to a chance at $75,000 in on-track prizing bonuses.

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Choose from one of the pre-defined tiers or choose your own amount. The minimum deposit amount for registration in the tournament is $500.  Any remaining buy-in balances owing will be accepted over the phone via our player services department or will be accepted in person before the start of the tournament on January 25, 2019. All balances must be paid in full before the start of the tournament or your registration and deposit will be forfeited.

(Min $500 to $12,000)

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Terms and Conditions

The management of The Stronach Group reserve the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to this Tournament, without claim for damages or recourse of any kind. The management of The Stronach Group will decide all questions and definitions covered and not covered explicitly in these rules and their decisions shall be final. By participating in the Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship, all players agree to The Stronach Group's authority to make any and all such decisions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Stronach Group reserves the right to amend and revise these Rules at any time.